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By killerz120 - 2017-05-28 17:46:23 in Enutrof
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Hey i'm lvl 153 enu and need help with what build to go? hybrid or pure element i'm not sure whats the best for kolo/pvp so l need your guys help? any suggestlons?
By killerz120 - 2017-05-22 13:15:39 in Sram
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So I just come back after 1 year and the new echo server merge looks dope and alot of pvp/kolo going on. I have a lvl 188 sram with no current build > have the char points scrolled.

so at lvl 166 around that i use to be a str/int sram which was soooo good but now lm lvl 188

So i was think of what build should i be if im 188 sram (for kolo pvping) and how much would the set cost. ( a rough estimate atleast)

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Quit like 6-7 months ago just came back. I wan't to buy ogrines to buy membership so i can play, But when i open up shop/gifts and on kama exchange the page is jus white i waited 5minutes and its still the same. I cleared cache and relogged nothing happens. I have reinstalled dofus and nothing happens. any help plz?

im on windows xp also my internet is very good

edit: I have used the site to create an offer in the mean time