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By killemike - 2009-09-21 22:05:00 in General Class Discussion
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I'm thinking of starting a new Pandawa. But what spells and stats do i need? Please help!
By killemike - 2009-06-13 16:08:45 in Suggestion Box
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It would be fun to have Achievements. I can think of some:

Gobball killer: Kill a total of 500 Gobballs.
Camp Man: Complete 20 quests.
Sword block: Do a total of 5000 damage, before you get to level 20.
Gobball Kicker: Die to a gobball.
Nothing stands in the way: Kill a monster 50 levels above you.
Nothing stands in the way II: Kill a group of monsters 100 levels above you.
AP Warrior: Get a total 10AP.

and there should be a new button just for Achievements, where you can see them.