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buying toucantankerous pets, I am currently offering 4mk each seeing as im not sure what they are worth, my offer may increase or decease in the coming days when people can actually trade em.

hit me up ig,

By killagodfluffy - 2010-03-04 04:20:03 in Enutrof
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ok well i quit my level 160 cra to make a chance enu and am wonder what gear to use to get 50 crits for 1/2 on everthing. i have already scrolled the enu up and can affford a lower in turq dofus, up to mabey 14 criticals and was wondering what set could acomplish them and even better what could do it and get 9 ap. i am talking about the more epic levels.
then ive heard of 1/2 on aztec and would love to hear how this can be done because its a dam sexy weapon.