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By kickonon - 2017-02-28 21:58:39 in Feca
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Hello everyone!
I recently bought p2p and i tried every single class by gameplay and I must admit that i liked Feca most. Everything i need is good explanation which items should i get for STR/AGI Feca (1-200). I am not really rich atm so I would like to have some cheaper items if possible! Thanks for any help in this thread!
By kickonon - 2016-12-14 23:22:43 in Sadida
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Title is simple. I want to know which gear should I buy while leveling 1-200. Currently I'm playing pure str sadi and I'm absolutely charmed with its gameplay. Anyone who experienced sadi much longer than me (which isn't that hard) please tell me what gear should I obtain while leveling. Any help will be appreciated.

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I can't really decide which Iop should I play. I would like to know which stats are cheapest for Iop. I started recently playing on Rushu because Rosal is pretty dead and I don't have much money for sets. Please anyone who plays Iop, tell me which stats I should max and sets I should buy. I'm mainly interested in playing PvE and having abilities to survive.

Thanks a lot for any help.