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I've not played since before Christmas, but someone said something recently so I thought I would poke my head back in. Is it still a real grind? How hard would it be to reset my sadi from Beta, who has stats all over the place? (Spells aren't too bad.) How about professions? I am stuck in the 90s with Jeweler and Jewelermagus, when I last checked, and it was getting annoying. I'm playing other games too, and having fun, but I can't quite bring myself to actually DELETE everything. Too sentimental,...
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Ok, it was decent. For 50 kamas and the chance of getting dumped into a completely useless mine, you got to zip around. Flawed, but fair. Maybe you could have charged a bit more, I'd still be happy.

Except there was no text. Well, we soon figured out what was what, and that was ok. I can deal with that.

Fast forward to the update.

Now, every time you use the system, you get dumped in "Mysterious Underground" where you can only get out by fighting the level 77 spawn of dark miners. Bad map....