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im player from indonesia
speak indonesia and little know about english language

im also starting make guide videos in bahasa indonesia and english [subtitles]
you can visit my youtube channel
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Griffin' Cra Lvl 230 Rubilax
Grazy Gesture Masqueraider Lvl 230 Rubilax
Grimoira Osamodas Lvl 230 Rubilax
Grimace Guise Masqueraider Lvl 223 Rubilax
Grell Jorell Cra Lvl 223 Rubilax
Grim'Reaper Sram Lvl 222 Rubilax
Granduer Gateway Eliotrope Lvl 221 Rubilax
Grail' Eniripsa Lvl 220 Rubilax
Grimwarden Feca Lvl 220 Rubilax
Grid Pierce Cra Lvl 220 Rubilax
Gray Mole Enutrof Lvl 220 Rubilax
Grizzly Gulp Pandawa Lvl 219 Rubilax
Greenwald Sadida Lvl 219 Rubilax
Grimwulf' Ouginak Lvl 219 Rubilax
Gryphonite Foggernaut Lvl 219 Rubilax

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By khidzui - 2021-09-26 14:31:47 in Suggestions
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i feel my game start to lagging when these people release ton of balloon. and this need to be stop.
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can crafting pricing have another option for giving price to specific item only in future ?