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Invos-Kev Osamodas Lvl 102 Remington
Bloody-Kev Sacrier Lvl 68 Remington
Curandero-Kev Eniripsa Lvl 22 Remington
Kedaz* Ecaflip Lvl 3 Elbor
Keday* Iop Lvl 1 Elbor

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By kevinyoyito - 2019-12-03 00:05:33 in Overall
9 343
Hello friends, I have a doubt, I currently have a sacrier and an iop, so I want to know if I can count on both characters and an osamodas to form a team.
By kevinyoyito - 2019-11-27 05:49:16 in Overall
4 176
Hi friends, I create this topic to see if you could help me, I comment now I have a sacrier and a osamodas, the sacrier is responsible for doing the melee damage and the osamodas is supportive and I would like to add now a pj who will be responsible for doing damage to medium and long range, so which classes recommend me to fulfill that work, I am new in this game and I am not very aware of this topic.