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Summons-Kev Osamodas Lvl 150 Rubilax
Bloody-Kev Sacrier Lvl 137 Rubilax
Shields-Kev Feca Lvl 70 Rubilax
Assassin-Kev Sram Lvl 57 Rubilax

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By kevinyoyito - 2020-11-25 23:36:42 in General Discussions
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Hello people, I create this topic because I have a question about the team I want to build, currently I have an Osamodas as a distance damager, a Feca support and I want a melee damager and I want to choose between the Ouginak and Sram but I don't know which one would suit better to my team, I would appreciate it if you could give a hand with this dilemma that I have. Thank you
By kevinyoyito - 2020-11-16 23:33:44 in Feca
1 168
Hello, I am a new feca and I would like to know which build is the most common with this type of feca, I would really appreciate it, because I don't know much about this class. Thanks.
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Hello, I'm writing to see if you could guide me regarding this build, how viable it is to build a eliotrope Melee / Zone to play in pvm. Thanks in advance to whoever writes.