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Jaenele Osamodas Lvl 84 Remington
Chobitia Huppermage Lvl 84 Remington
Dougette Ouginak Lvl 83 Remington

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I'd like to ask what steps are Ankama taking against bots, and people selling them. One guy officially is selling them in game, and there's no Dev's respond. Whole economy system is going to crash at some point, because money from quests won't not enough to cover inflation at some point.

I really hope there will be any respond to this post, and actions will be taken in game.

Yours Sincerely
By kerajpan - 2020-05-23 11:34:54 in Guilds
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Hello Everybody.

I started game recently. As I've read after update 1.67 HW in guilds have changed drastically. What are current benefits of having HW? Can you still plant trees, crop and herbs? What about metals? Or is there any other bonus, than just space for guild to look nice?

Thanks in advance
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As above. What I need exactly.

Bean grains
Mushray grains
Jollyflower grains


Frozen tree cuttings
Yew tree cuttings
Mosscandel cuttings
Dry Pine cuttings
Mahogany cuttings

Thanks in advance for any help.

My nickname in game Jaenele