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on a technical level i am happy.
on a nostalgic level, i want the old one with ebony/ivory shown along with the other dofuses
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Yes, because Cras, Rogues and Osas, as well as Sacs and Iops, DEFINITELY needed a spell buff. In particular Rogues... WAT. WAT. WAT. Again, WAT.

Re-buff the "invisibility reveal" (Location) for Srams, dragline is okay, but costs too much ap and the range isn't far enough to actually be completely worthwhile. Or just buff dragline, thx. Also, Bat's Eye AoE should be reduced, christ. This is just one Sram. I'm sure there are many other classes who have unbalanced, unfair and well, shitty problems...
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Barely noticed a difference in monster HP. They dropped 15% of max hp? So, what about a (for example) Maho Snowfoux, who has erm, 5500hp before the update. Now it's 4675? That's like less hp than anyone with an air attack can do in one turn, basically worthless. Endgame fights last maybe 10 seconds less than they used to, lol.