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Gobbowl update gave me an urge to draw my favorite boi
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I bought "1 x Primate Attire" and i never got it in game. 
The ogrines were paid and I received the "Fabulous Forty Mystery Box" that is supposed to go free with it, but nothing else.

Its not in pending gifts, its not in achievement chests, not in any inventories or bank. 
I did relog multiple times and waited a few hours.
By karakum1 - 2018-03-17 07:39:34 in Suggestion Box
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Sadidas have many builds available to them, and most of those builds are more viable the more trees you have up

For example full on str build requires to plant 3 trees in 1st turn alone. And the longer fight goes the more trees there are. Trees are a good mechanics, i like it a lot but there is one huge undertaking to that

Small summon (tofu, bombs, dolls) takes up 1 cell
Characters and common summons take up 2 cells
Leafy tree mesh takes up to 6 cells!

Keep it in mind, this is a 2ap spell avalible...