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Sadida Lvl Omega 106 Echo

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By karakum1 - 2018-03-17 07:39:34 in Suggestion Box
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Sadidas have many builds available to them, and most of those builds are more viable the more trees you have up

For example full on str build requires to plant 3 trees in 1st turn alone. And the longer fight goes the more trees there are. Trees are a good mechanics, i like it a lot but there is one huge undertaking to that

Small summon (tofu, bombs, dolls) takes up 1 cell
Characters and common summons take up 2 cells
Leafy tree mesh takes up to 6 cells!

Keep it in mind, this is a 2ap spell avelible...
By karakum1 - 2018-03-17 06:28:41 in Suggestion Box
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There are quire a few ways to customise your character already, and with even more coming this year the issue becomes more relevant. It becomes very hard to find out what class the character is by looks alone.

Currently there are only 2 ways to check for sure:
- after they start the fight
- adding-removing a character in friend list

And sometimes its very important to know character classes fast, especially in places like prism and perc defends or just groups.

I suggest to replace combat class...
By karakum1 - 2014-08-08 17:05:22 in Ogrines
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I've bought ogrines by kamas ingame and I can see them in game, but says i only have 1000 ogrines. Then I've bought more atm over 40mins passed and still says I only have 1000