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Now that there is no Treechnid Forest, shouldn't the Edge of the Treechnid Forest be Edge of the Arak-hai Forest?

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Probably most of you will agree that some resources (individual flowers and fish, for example) have very hard-to-spot icons for harvesting them, especially if they are harvested already. Wouldn't it be cool if we had a hotkey or a shortcut "round-the-minimap" to present the tooltips or visual identifications of harvestables that are available on the present map? It would work similarly to "z" for monster tooltips. It would greatly reduce the strenuous task of watching over impossible-to-see spots.

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According to ChangeLog 2.30, there are 10 times more Nettles in-game. (60 in 2.29, 600 in 2.30) I have been running for the past 4 hours and I fail to see such an increment. I've scattered through Astrub Fields and Forest, Outskirts, as well as Amakna Forest, Brouce Boulgure's Clearing and Ingalsses' Fields, as well as Gobball Corner.

So, what did I miss?