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Last time I genuinely played this game was about 4-5 years ago. And I was thinking about subscribing again, but i'm unsure of some things.

1. is it still a requirement to have multiple accounts to be genuinely up to scratch in this game? Back when I last played, finding groups who weren't selling leeching was near impossible, guilds were extremely exclusive (and mainly filled with lv200 multiaccounts), and it was hard to get anything done without a decent alt.
2. how good are the sidekicks? Are...
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This is a suggestion drawn from Gunnerwolfang's guild estate thread, and suggested by Dragonmasterlance.

The idea is to have wide open, instanced resource locations located in the game to make mining easier, kind of like dungeons. The mines would contain all ore, while the forests would contain all trees. While this sounds potentially overpowered, and still succeptable to botting, allow for me to show you the bot limitations and the things that could be put in place to stop the areas from being...
By kakisuka - 2013-05-14 13:21:44 in Markets of Rosal
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Buying two frozen hearts. They are obtained from the Grocery shop in Frigost Village for 15 Ice Kama after completing the quest "Light on Shadow".

Will discuss a price in game.

Alternatively, I'll pay for the assistance in completing Light on Shadow. My thread about it here

PM me in game or send me an Ankabox.
Account names: Kakisuka, Kakiessa.
Character names: Trancessa, Rosessa.