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Sram Lvl 199 Brutas

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By kaisertxt - 2017-12-24 21:03:22 in Bug Reports
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I see two bots today un this mine, all day are here, HELP MODERATOE with this problema, his names are "Maiden" is an Yopuka, and "Noctoriou" is an Sram lvl 17, Please help us, the server is Brutas, Spanish server.

En español:

Hoy todo el día, he visto a dos bots en la Mina Ral en (5,19) zona de amakna, no dejan progresar a ningún jugador, ni subir oficios, tienen acaparada toda la mina y es realmente incómodo, partirse el lomo minando mientras ellos botean, ayuda por favor moderador, esta...
By kaisertxt - 2017-04-24 02:55:34 in Bug Reports
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Today i try to put me in merchant mode and i can't, ¿how can make this? ahh and this option not show me when pick up in my pj, ¿how to fix this? thanks.