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Ananse Masqueraider Lvl 108 Nox
Sigia Feca Lvl 77 Nox
Trishula Cra Lvl 77 Nox
Koffu Pandawa Lvl 51 Nox
Hauhet Xelor Lvl 46 Nox

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By kOfWa - 2015-10-02 00:13:49 in Cra
7 2971
Hey, I just made the decision to add a Cra to my team. My team had little ranged damage and no earth damage so I'm trying my best to fill in the gaps. What are so tips for either build and how to they differ in playstyle?
5 1870
Hey, guys! I am a returning player and just read the hero devblog. Any advice for what classes would compliment a damage focused water/air masq?

I'm thinking I would probably need a tanky map manipulator to help setup backstabs. Air/earth sac? Then maybe a healer that can do okay fire damage? Another idea would be fire/water support panda and feca tank.

I'm pretty new to all this. Any advice would be appreciated.
By kOfWa - 2015-09-14 16:59:52 in Technical Issues
1 830
I have tried twice to buy $20 worth of Ogrines. "Your payment could not be credited since no payment has been registered for this transaction."