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I personally think that the card limit may be too small and may be one thing restricting game play. 
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There needs to be an appointment reserve cap. The fact that a xelor can obtain 60 so just for infinite leveling is stupid and makes the game so miserable because then we have to sit there and wait for the guy to infinite level before we can even go. Of course they are going to use vampyro also. Either make there be a cap to how much so can be in your reserve like the seeds or remove xelors sandglass.
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I don't know if its just me or not but this game just isn't fun anymore. It doesn't take much thought to play and now it just feels like something I play to waste time. Maybe I need to take a break from the game or maybe I will return if they ever actually change the game to make it more of a strategy game. There's just too much overpowered nonsense that gets boring to play or irritating to play against. I want to both win and lose in ways that make it feel rewarding to achieve or have played. Think...