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I'm not sure how long it should take, maybe I missed how long it takes for the Character to transfer onto another account.
Does anyone know? Thank you in advance!
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I have seen sram traps get activated then not leave the map at all, rouge bomb lines don't even work if you are placed in them.
Sometimes in fights I can't even move at all. I have lost several fights due to bomb lines not working.... I know it's not in the update but I'm not sure if this issue is going to be resolved. I would report a bug but Amkana never responded to any of my tickets before so why should I waste my time. I'm sorry but this is frustrating. I'm missing out on so much damage with...
By jubjubkiller - 2015-11-29 01:21:03 in Rogue
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I would like to discuss Rouges.
Which is best? I'm more interested in PVM, but I would like hear all opinions.
What makes a rouge: Stats, AP, MP.
Everyone's opinion will be accepted, this thread isn't for people to get into arguments, so I would like to have as many builds and ideas thrown out there with positive criticism.
Target level:190+ Would prefer 199-200 endgame.
Okay guys lets see what's out there!
Thank you in advance. =D