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Items that use to be sold in NPC Shop's:
This might not be all of them, but its a list of where to find them now.
Not all creatures are listed as to find items, this is just a basic idea.

Baker Yeast =    Craft by Alchemist
Biblop Blubber = Blops
Big Phial =     Craft by Miner
Cherry =    Tofu, Piwi, Kolack
Element Flask = Craft by Miner
Frying Oil =    Craft by Farmer
Glass Bowl =    Craft by Miner
Infected Blood = Ouginak, Scurvion, White Fang
Jelly Blubber =     Jellys
By jove2 - 2019-04-18 09:17:00 in Suggestion Box
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1. Because of the bots in incarnam, it is impossible to do the beginner quest that  requires water.   The bots are constantly spamming the water troughs.  The solution is to maybe put a small patch of crabs in incarnam to kill, which allows another source of water.  The only alternative is to go to astrub and farm crabs then go back. However if you don't do the quest line in order  there is an issue, as explained. 
2. The other  issue is due to the bug, (Journey to Astrub quest).  If you...
By jove2 - 2019-02-06 01:28:49 in Suggestion Box
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suggestion:  since bots are running rapid and interfering with our game play.  I know its hard to get rid of them.  So my suggestion is allow us as players to stop them.  Here is how.  Make it where bots, automatically pick up items on the ground.  This will allow us as players, to put a heavy item down.  let the bots grab it.  They cant move if they are overweight.   If a player runs across it and auto pick it up, they would trash it or keep it whichever the case may be.   A couple cannon...