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Akisre Foggernaut Lvl 114 Remington
Rolleru Osamodas Lvl 113 Remington
Korwin Zbawiciel Pandawa Lvl 109 Remington
Chetred Masqueraider Lvl 81 Remington
Erufed Cra Lvl 65 Remington

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By johnster12 - 2016-02-10 16:09:44 in Foggernaut
7 2130
Hi guys !

I have a question. Which ele are best on fogger?? Because i have vampyro set and i have some items with Fire, Water, Air and some with Fire, Water, Earth. Should i change all in to Fire, Water, Air??
8 2026
Hi, i want to buy ogrines thru the paypal, but when i try to do this it says that QuoteFor security reasons, your Paypal payment ca not be accepted.Please, choose another payment method.For more information on this matter, you can contact our Customer support : Click here What can i do with this?? i had wrote a ticket to support but they didnt answer.