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Dlejohnny Pandawa Lvl 215 Nox
Shady Carebear Sacrier Lvl 215 Nox
Succubus Carebear Sadida Lvl 215 Nox
Bougie Carebear Eniripsa Lvl 200 Nox
Dlejohnny Pandawa Lvl 6 Remington
Carebear Boss Pandawa Lvl 1 Remington

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Im curious as to how you guys plan to make it so masks can be unlocked in the fight via gameplay mechanics. It seems like a lot of  turn 1 presence has been removed from classes lately, would this also apply to masq? When exactly will the potential power of masks kick in?

I think right now, masq is in an underwhelming state for end game PVE and is strong in PVP. It's good that there is a plan to keep heals for masq in some way, but I hope this passive is strong enough to make it a contending option...
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I think feca dominates its role so much that you don't want to consider other choices. Take for example, the distance damage dealer pool. People are willing to pick between cra, elio, xelor, fogger, or even huppermage. And in terms of melees, there's ouginak, sram, iop, ecaflip, and sac. In this case, people pick their favorite and play what's fun as to opposed to treating it as a must-have. Many I've talked to don't find feca fun but as a necessity. Another case would be the healer tier. Eni dominates...
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A lot of what I believe makes feca way too overpowered is it offers too much in the two roles its top-dog in, support and tank. I don't think any other dual-identity class is top tier in both of its roles. An example of dual identity would be Ecaflip. I may come off biased as Bari, too btw, as I don't play feca in my main team.  

Feca has predominantly been the go to choice for tank for the majority of comps across servers, while a small percentage of us would select tank sac or tank panda. One...