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Elfen Lied
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I'm. Struggling to think of where to go from here, don't want to endlessly grind and would preferably get into a new quest line, the question is which one is a logical progression after these 2?
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looked around and i couldn't find any useful information on this and was wondering about the specs for multiple accounting Dofus on a pc.
now i have a pretty decent machine, can play most games on high settings and i had hoped dofus would play ball with me, but any more than 5 (maybe 6) accounts it really starts to struggle!
so does anybody have any decent info on this? would be very much appreciated
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i have played this game for the last 2 monts or so with no problems at all but over the last day or 2 my clients will work normally, then randomly freeze and log out whilst saying that it cannot connect to the server. it will happen across any and all of my 6 accounts as i play, no inactivity to blame as it will log me off mid fight for no reason.
can anybody help? its making the game almost unplayable for me at the moment