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The title and subtitle says it all but oh well.
I got a Chance enu and a strenght panda around level 180 and an osa around lvl 150.
As i got those three accounts that i pay with cash, i thought of creating another and pay with ogrines to start with and check if i like.

So i need help deciding what suits best my team:

an agi hitter?
another hitter like an str iop?
a support eni despite the osa (i could make him no support if i made an eni)?
another class i'm not knowledged with like foggernauts,...
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Hi. got back from a huuuge break and i need some help if you can. =)
There is so many new sets i got completely indecise about what to get.

Enu chance 165: using tot amulet, mopy king ring and cape, event belt, water kannibal mask, ancestral ring, sandals titude and plum+indigo mount. I know it's pretty outdate, but no idea what to get if something near my lvl or if i should start working on some higher lvl stuff.

Panda strength 147: full moo set + gelano + earlik branch + plum and crimson mount.