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Hola! Si me encuentras en el juego y necesitas ayuda para alguna misión o pelea, cuenta conmigo, sólo mandame un mp y dime cómo me encontraste ^^

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No need to further explain on this, it's quite evident. The devs have said it before, but it seems to be taking forever. It would be nice that, in the next balancing patch (Which I wish not only focused on neutral cards, but rather fixing and balancing the meta, specially some overpowered decks [rollback xelor, charge sram, meule sram, feca and it's only possible arquetipe.. etc]). Thanks for your time. Have a good day/night!
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This season reward was pretty weak, but it's understandable if they couldn't create a pedestal and a trophy since they implemented the foil cards in-game. My question is: will you retrieve the reward for the past season? I hope so.
Thank you for your time.
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Strongest spell in game. Three copies. A more dinamic version of cra's destructive arrow, and a must have in any xelor deck. Like they don't have enough damage (and don't tell me they can't reach 5 AP easily, they have many, many ways to do so). Fix it. Too powerful. Xelor needs a balance, and that's something obvious, along with eni, feca and some sram spells. Also, fix teleportation, at least so it can only teleport allied minions...