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Enutrof Lvl 152 Echo
Eliotrope Lvl 112 Echo
Osamodas Lvl 56 Echo

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1. it appears that when osamodas is riding a mount, and casts animal union, it transforms only statwise 
and not visually (so it remains good ol' osamodas, instead of turning into a bird/dragon/sheep/frog)

2. one of the enemies from the new astrub mines family is either missing their in fight model, or it just fails to load occasionally (haven't had the opportunity to further test it)... what that means is that it is essentially permanently invisible, but game behaves like it is not (it is targetable...
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So, when i click on the dofus icon on the desktop, it normally launches updater, and upon clicking play, it goes to log in screen, but with message box saying "Launching Dofus without updater is not advised, and could lead to malfunctions" (even tho i had updater active)..
I log in, it normally goes to char select screen (i have setting that skips to last server used, in this case Echo) 
and when i click on a char, it starts loading into the game... so far so good, but then it reaches 50%, the screen...
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So today, while browsing bonta pet market, i decided to look up seemyools, and found out that, despite their terrible design (sorry, just my opinion :/)
they are in fact, very interesting creatures...

Deepening my research, all i found were more questions and no answers, so i decided to ask for help here
so here we go:

1. what does their "level: ..." mean? I have seen mostly random words there, so i wondered if they had any meaning?
2. are they siriously that rare/difficult to get? i went...