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By jackbomba - 2012-08-24 18:25:53 in Suggestion Box
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It may not sound much, and it may even be silly, but, why does cawwot, that is supposed to be a food doesn´t have a single food recipe, so i thought, why not making an cake made of cawwot and some other stuff, giving an decent effect of course.

Well, if you like the idea, could you suggest the recipe for the cake? The only rule is it need to use cawwot, the number doesn´t matter.
I thought on this just because it´s nonsense for a vegetable having no food recipes on the game, and also, it would...
2 1009
It doesn´t need to be exactly on the surface, if there´s a cave that do so, it´s ok. I can´t find great wabbit mobs. I need lots of its hair, and other kinds of wabbits are a real nuisance for my drop. Also a place where only spawns 2 kinds of wabbits (common and 1 of other kind) is also fine by me. I done an search in the island myself and couldn´t find maps that fit in that descrition, or i found those maps in the past, but, didn´t gave any attention since i wasn´t needing anything from...
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Well, since the resource for scroll system was taken out of scene (that was the only use of it known by me, unless there´re secret recipes that use it, if there´re, post here) it became useless since there´s not a single recipe that uses it. I mean, those sporms were hard to come by back then, and they were pretty expensive because of it´s usefulness and drop difficulty, but now i can´t think a way how should i use it. I still wonder why the mush mushes still drop them since there´s no use...