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Iop Lvl 95 Brutas
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Hi, i was recently using my character in server Brutas while suddenly i started experiencing heavy lagging. At first i thought it might be my connection but, little before getting disconnected, i saw some other players complaining about the server and then got disconnected and now it won't let me log in again. Please, take a look since less than a hour ago the server was under routine maintenance and that problem happened little after the end of it.
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I suggest a buff where you take off the +4 dmg and 4 cures from the whole 4 part set bonus and add 5, 10 and then 20 power, change vit bonus from 10, 20 and 30 to 20,40 and 60 and add 5% all except neutral resistances only when use all 4 parts, because now as it is i dont think the Royal Rainbow Blop set is appealing as it uses one all other blops parts but has a far weaker bonus than it