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ANKAMA fix your drop rates. 
Doing Mercator with 4 people , and only dropping one item - and not even meat is INSANE. 

Doing a whole day of submerged city depths of sufokia mobs to drop: Centenarian Grawn, and doing them alone as an eni - or as a group. and not dropping one is also INSANE. 

Please fix your drop rates. 
Because this makes the game and questing impossible. 
Thanks for coming to my ted talk

And since your at it, I play with my husband. 
Both have verified accounts. 
Now with...
By izzyx - 2023-07-02 17:42:41 in Bug Reporting
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Don't shoot the messenger is bugged to hell. 
I am on Nimalptopia but the quest is stuck on ''head to the island'' 
It has been this way for ages. 

Please fix it. 

Could someone please fix this? otherwise a big part of my quests are unavailable