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So today I was out farming, like I normally do. When I came across a mob that peaked my interest, but when it came to me trying to soul it. With a level 1000 soulstone. I was unable to do so. Why this happen was unknown to me and my guild mates I will pose it as a question here.
To clarify  I had used soul capture at the proper moment in the fight.
I don't know if its because you are unable to soul these underwater sea-creatures (which i think is bollocks) or there is other forces keeping you from...
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So I've been looking on various forums and even french to figure out why I can't start this quest. and I honestly have no clue (this effects all of my 8chars). it should have been started as the first quest you get from the Colonel when entering. but I got [Colour Thives]. and no where on the guides is this described.

So i'm still wondering how to start this quest, I've cleard my cache, nothing happend.
Colonal doesn't give me a new quest and it's not started.

This is the starting quest for...
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So Today I bought a Devil mystery box, but didn't recive it :/
And same thing happend to a Frozen mystery box I bought a while ago.
Can anyone tell me how I can Still Obtain them or are they simpy lost in huge web of undiscovered things

Screenshot as proof I bought it (don't have with my frozen box as I never got)

I don't think I can be the only person with this annoying issue