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By Deoxys233 - 2023-08-25 18:18:54 in General Discussion
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With respect, if support handled these cases well, this thread and others like it would not exist. So pointing people toward support (as if that's not where we all already started) misses the point.

If you're interested in investigating the circumstances that lead to normal players being randomly banned, there are a few commonalities we've discovered by talking amongst ourselves on various Discord servers.Playing at a low level (e.g., leveling professions in Incarnam and Astrub, or fighting monsters...
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If you read the OP, they note that they cannot now collect the other pieces (they tried that). And yes, many quest items have pod weight. They shouldn't, IMO, but they do.
By Deoxys233 - 2023-08-25 18:18:54 in General Discussion
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I also ran into this recently. Was auto-banned when gathering/crafting in incarnam and astrub. I was flagged as botting, even though I was a single player, playing normally, with no external tools at all. Just leveling low professions, lol. I had to compete with the swarms of sacrier bots to even get resources in the first place.

First time I'd had that happen in 18 years of playing, on and off, over different accounts. This was one of the new ones I'd recently made, so I wasn't *that* invested...