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why are there so many buggs with the ohwymi questline about talking to people. 

NPC: thed uner. cant talk to him because he isnt at the position where he should be ?

NPC: Bashar daukar. cant even talk to him to start 2 quests. (i allready did al the quest before him) 

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at one point of this quest you have to meet the guy '' fallanster'' in astrub. 

BUT there was a not '' before you can talk to fallanster you have to complete another quest'' so i did that quest and finished the quest and i still cant speak to fallanster. 

is this a bugg?

never mind, u have to finish all the main quest from astrub to do that
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i want to know what class you think needs a nerf or a buff. so this is how we gonna do it.

- Class buff?
- What kind of buff?
- Explain why this class needs this buff.

- Class nerf?
- What kind of nerf?
- Explain wht this class needs this nerf.

since the last time they asked this is a few years ago. lets try this again.

i hope of lots of reaction!

PS: i posted this here instead of the classes thread because i think the general discussion is more populated.