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Pandawa Lvl Omega 31 Echo
Pandawa Lvl 112 Echo
Osamodas Lvl 101 Oto-Mustam
Sacrier Lvl 79 Oto-Mustam
She said she was lvl Eighteen
Eniripsa Lvl 25 Oto-Mustam

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Im back after a while and i see Osa's overpowered buff spell at lvl 195 Favorutism is now lvl 105?

So im guessing it has been nerfed?

This used to be a really good 'scaling damage' spell that can be used in dimension dungeons, for obvious reasons. Much like rogues bomb walls, or sadis trees.

How does it compare to the scaling damage of the sadida now? 

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4 Man Team

Iop Panda Osa Sram

How viable is this team as a PVM team for doing content from 1 through to 200.

Would I encounter any issues with this composition? Or do you think it would hold up pretty well?

I was thinking to make the Osa the designated healer, unless Panda is the better choice for that? 

Thanks everyone
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Hi everyone, 

Back after a long break. Im thinking i will drop my Eca, i fancy a change and i feel Eca has been nerfed somewhat? I dont really understand its build anymore.

-I'm looking to class change, keeping agility build. What are the good 'main' chars i can use in its place, as main damager. 
- i have a panda in the 4 man team, so i was thinking about rogue. But open to all opinions. 

My team will be [agi char] + Panda + Eni + Enu + Osa

Thanks in advance!