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Outer Hell

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Unfortunately a common perc hunt strategy is to have high ini iop which causes quite a bit of trouble. As some maps have such tight starting positions those iops can end the game there and then before the defenders even have their first character doing anything. I have been recently in a few matches where we had some nice endgame geared people in our defending team and the opponents iop got 2 of our characters down the first turn and going highest in initiative. So going 3 vs 5 after 1st characters...
By ilarigh - 2016-06-28 23:27:01 in Suggestion Box
5 626
Hello. I was wondering would it be conciderable to increase the rare drop amount in the endgame dungeons? It seems almost allways when you do some high-end dungeon (the new sufokia ones for example), the whole team may drop only around 0-2 of the rare drops, which is a bit unfair in my opinion. That means the main source of the dungeon drops are the achievements they have. That unfortunately leads to the situation where player or a group of players only run the dungeon for the achievements, and when...
By ilarigh - 2015-03-26 17:31:41 in Suggestion Box
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There could be a set of weapons which do instead of damage, differend effects. I bet most of us have goten ourselves into situations where you would need mp reduction, erosion or unbewitchement, but no class of your team would have that kinda abilities. My idea would be to have 3 weapons, Daggers, wand and bow, with differend ap cost, spell effectiveness, and range. The weapons would have differend addons to insert to them (and ofcourse have 1 at the time).
The daggers would be 1-1 range, use 3ap's...