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Activity on the dofus Forum

By iiTzAido - 2017-11-17 12:20:57 in Echo
1 433
Hey community!

Me and 2 friends have returned to dofus after nearly forgetting it even existed (Blasphemy?!)
We're fed up of just playing with the 3 of us and only being invited to guilds which everyone is already level 200 with insane knowledge of the game, which isn't a bad thing but we are looking for a more newbie guild where we can participate in more events instead of being asked if we would like to leech.

Looking for new and old players to group up or guild with that are level 1-70.

By iiTzAido - 2015-04-01 17:39:05 in Solar
4 954
Hey im a returning player from a few years back and ive just started from scratch on solar since it's a bit more populated than Shika server. Im looking for a few people and guild to play with and start my game again im P2P so no worries there (:

Please get back to me as i don't really like playing mmo's alone :p thanks!
4 1280
Hey there, i am a returning player of a 6-8 year gap. Just renewed my membership and started off again but feeling like a noob since ive forgotten alot about Dofus but getting back up to speed quickly.
I've made a new character at x4 xp so i can learn the ropes again and im in need of some friends and a guild.

Im very social and Active aswell as manners and no abusive comments so please give me an add and an invite if you can thank you ! (: