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Today as I was on my way to work, an idea hit me, what if Wakfu had a turn system like the game "The Banner Saga", in which every player/enemy has a turn one after the other.

For those that have yet to play that awesome saga it all boils down to, say your allied team is made up of 3 members and the enemy team is made of 6 members, the turns would be something like this:First Ally First enemy Second ally Second enemy Third ally Third enemy First ally Fourth enemy Second ally Fifth enemy Third ally...
By iiNoted - 2017-12-20 13:12:56 in General Discussions
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Can we please have a Wakfu API?

Some of the people that play Wakfu are also developers and would love to make some nice web apps, or websites that can make use of a Wakfu API.

Wakfu-Elements was one of them, where you could check prices and other stuff, I have no idea how the author of that site made it but it was widely used while it lasted.

An API would open up more ways for us players to interact with some of the data, things like marketboards, user info, guild info, heck there's so much data...