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I began a discussion in my guild today about how easy dopples have become since the spell buff and the monster HP nerf. I suggested they buff the dopples a bit because it is relatively easy to beat them without taking damage at all. One guildmate suggested that since the rewards from dopples are needed for so many sets/items, we need them to be easy.
Finally the idea was proposed that the dopples have an adjustable difficulty level with scalable rewards.
Easy-Medium-Hard modes giving increasing numbers...
By igotleeched - 2013-05-06 18:03:35 in Suggestion Box
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I suggest a simple feature that would allow you to block someone just like in game. You add that person to your block list and all their posts are collapsed by default, and if you really want to read them you can expand them. You can also choose whether or not to allow that person to post in your thread. I think this would stop some of the arguing that seems to go on between the same players. It would help focus threads instead of having people disagree with each other simply because they don't like...
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Are there any plans to limit the number of a certain class in a fight directly. I know global cooldowns are a popular way of doing this, but I'm asking if, for example, there will ever be a time when 4 different element cras can't be in the same fight and use all their spells.