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Hello everybody.
I played Dofus a long time ago, something around 5 years and I just returned to the game, but at this time my wife came with me. She liked the Masqueraider class and choose this one. I have no idea on how to build a nice Masq and need some help.

1) Where to spend characteristic points? I was leveling her as an Agi character and here's where I think I made a mistake, I spent every points on Agi. I was studying the class a little more and noticed that Vit is the most important attribute....
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I was playing normally and i changed map(in wabbit island) then i got the error message "impossible to load data file, you must restart the game". Ok, i restarted but now the game don't open, at Language file update i get the error "Can't load language file".... what's that now? ¬.¬