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Make resource protectors stronger or don't have them at all.

All they do is waste time. Bots can easily beat them and if your going up against a bot competing for resources its just pointless.
By the time you kill the protector a bot(s) has take most of the resources in the area. And usually there is never just one. the most i've seen is 3-8 taking resources.  
By ibrahim1 - 2013-06-11 08:11:17 in Problems and solutions
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Is there anyway of knowing when the server maintenance is over? Maybe by twitter, email, Facebook ?
It would be nice if we were given notifications.
Maybe a dofus app on Iphone/Android would be cool you know.
Letting us know when a back up is done/ timer. Push notifications etc. Brain storm guys.
By ibrahim1 - 2013-05-29 11:50:38 in Suggestion Box
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Too easy to kill. Wasn't the purpose of having resource protectors to stop bots? So much to say but i rather not go into detail. Make 'em like killing a dopple. Lvl of character differs to lvl of resource protector. Earning bigger rewards also.