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By iase - 2016-09-15 04:04:09 in General Discussion
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Hi all,

I have been playing for a week now after a 2 yearish long break.

I am so bored on how empty Rosal is, I am considering moving to a different server. Any suggestions?
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Hi All,

After 2 years of not playing I have decided to come back because I hear there is a new soon to be seen Osa update.

I wanted to get my scrolls completed and I am wondering what is the quickest route for dopple runs with the new classes in place.

I also wanted to know how do i get to 100 scrolled str when i have it at 83. I know it wont go to 101 but will it hit the 100 when i get to 99?
By iase - 2014-03-29 19:09:02 in Rosal
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Hi guys,

Need help for my noob characters :p