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Member since 2010-08-18


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Last login: 2019-06-01


Drakuron Huppermage Lvl 128 Elbor
Blindark Eniripsa Lvl 128 Elbor
Kihaku Ouginak Lvl 91 Elbor
Kanraku Pandawa Lvl 6 Elbor
Kyousei Osamodas Lvl 1 Elbor

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Recently i created an Eliotrope, since i'm playing with some friends new to the game. I thought taking a positioneer was a good choice, and thought on taking the distance damage path, 'cause not so long ago i used to have a Distance Elio over lvl 120 and it's the build i know best. But reading some theads on forums i saw that Berserk Elio can surpass the damage output of the Distance one without sacrifices on utility... So here are my questions:

My first idea was to skill on Intelligence Resist...
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Hello guys first of all i want to say that my english is not perfect so sorry if i make a mistake.

Well i've been playing wakfu since beta came out and when Ecaflips appeared i thought i just needed one but i stopped playing the game for external issues.

Nostalgia made me come back to the game and now my Eca has reached lvl 127 and i'm actually playing him Water/Earth close combat oriented with Up to Scratch, Fleahopper, Hunter, Flea Love, All in, All or Nothing, Three Cards and Craps. (to charge...
By ianelpeke - 2015-11-04 21:22:01 in Eliotrope
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Hi! I'm a newbie in the world of portals and i wanted to ask some questions. I'm actualy playing a Tri-elemental Eliotrope focused on range combat and I'm enjoying it... but I want to know if my actual deck is fine or if there are more efficient combinations.

Right now I'm using:
Water: Wakmeha, Pulsation and Whirlwind (positioning)Air: Ethereal Burst, Tempest and Unchained BladeEarth: Clash and HidingActives: Portal, Exaltation, Time Breach and IncandescencePassives: Celestial Portal, Rage, Effervescence...