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So I'm trying to log in to an account and I forgot the password. No problem, I'll just answer the secret answer and check my email. So I click on ''Forgot your password?' that appears under the sign in box and I get redirected to the Terms of Use. Now there isn't actually anywhere for me to accept anything on the Terms of Use page so I try to click on forgotten password again... yet again redirected from

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edit :

I can no longer access profile management on accounts...
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A French player just leveled from 1 to 200 in 9 hours and 47 minutes this Wednesday.

Video :

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Character page link with timestamps for every single level gained.

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It was on a traditional server (not heroic server). I don't know about you but this just makes the whole leveling experience seem so trivial to me, I feel bad for never having a 200  
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Hello all,
[Tot] recently announced that Ankama is upping the way they do war with botters following the mass amounts of credit card fraud. Last week, Agride (a French server) became the 'test' server of their new anti-bot system. I imagine it was picked because it's the first server alphabetically.

The system kicked in on Tuesday and since then 10000 accounts were pulled from Agrides ladder (banned) before the ladder went bust for every server but Dark Vlad.
It's now Monday, a full 6 days since...