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Hard As Beef Feca Lvl 118 Remington
Lxcifer Foggernaut Lvl 118 Remington
Lvcifer Eliotrope Lvl 117 Remington
Lick My Heals Eniripsa Lvl 112 Remington
Deux Ex Xelor Lvl 105 Remington
Lord Gigolow Iop Lvl 102 Remington

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Hi everyone,

I noticed some issues in the game, which are totally unacceptable for a game i pay for.

1) The inventary system is a MESS: You have to drag one by one all the items you wanna get rid of, takes ages!
click on the item drag it off to the ground or click the delete button then the number u want to delete then press ok to delete it. ONE BY ONE, knowing that I have a god booster pack, it's extremely annoying that everytime I try to do that, I have to do it on 3 different characters, since...
By iXpecial - 2017-10-26 20:19:14 in Combat Strategy
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So my team is actually composed of:

Elio, Xelor, Feca

ELio is a huge single target burst and dmg, with a lot of repositioning, The xelor "was" since 1.56 i guess an ap buffer and the aoe nuker while the feca tanks and buffs.

The xelor has revive and Elo prevention works great in combo

My fav class is the elio, i just love it.
Thinking baout replacing xelor now since the ap removal is harder and his dmg is not amazing.
The feca puts control zones, the elio does damage from absolutely anywhere,...