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Sacrier Lvl 175 Echo

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By iMaonen - 2017-05-30 16:14:55 in Sacrier
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hello guys, im a sacrier lvl 175, i just return to play again after a few years.
i see sacrier class has changed. i used to be a chance sacrier and now after the revamp i dont know what to choose.
i understand now that the sacrier is no longer tank as he used to be.
so what element should i choose?
thanks for the help guy  
By iMaonen - 2015-09-11 16:28:15 in Sacrier
2 1160
Hello guys im a chance sacrier lvl 133 at this moment.
I have full ancestral set, axel and gelano (1ap only). The mount i have is the one with 140 chance and -100 vit.
Im on my way to lvl 140 i believe more 2-3 days i hope.
So i need your help, i think it is the time in lvl 140 to change the ancestral set and getting a better one.
I have now 4 mp and 10 ap, i want in my new set 11ap and 4 mp, i dont know how to get those stats so here i need your help.
Thanks in advance for your suggestions

By iMaonen - 2015-08-13 18:43:07 in General Discussion
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hello guys
i just returen to play the game after few years break and i noticed something has changed.
when i used to play i sold soul stone to make money so 1 weak ago i went to the gobball dungeon to capture the royal gobball and to sell it.
the weak past and still the royal gobball soul stone not sold yet. i post one of them in 5000k to check if it is beacuse the price.
someone know why nonody buying it?