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By iLogin - 2017-03-10 08:01:44 in General Discussion
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Hey all!

Few newb questions. Please be nice haha.

I know Rushu is a pretty old server with a high population and is the server i'm currently in.

I'm only around the lvl 50's and the areas i'm around is usually near Bonta and Astrub.

-Where is everyone? lol

-Is there a general place where the majority hang out? Maybe all in dungeons? Or actually just everywhere?

-Does the real fun happen/more to do when lvl 200? What is there to do exactly in end-game?

I've been playing solo as long as I can...
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Hello all!

I'm a returning player that just recently got back into Dofus. For a while now I've been reading ways to improve my FPS for Dofus. I have a general high-end gaming PC with a Nvidia GTX 980ti card, 16GB Ram, i7 processor, etc. which I know is way more than enough to run a game like Dofus. I do also understand certain games aren't optimized especially those that are fairly new games or in beta/alpha testing. But I know Dofus has been around for many years.

After all the configuring with...
By iLogin - 2017-03-09 02:06:39 in Rushu
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Hello All!

I'm a returning player looking to get back into Dofus. Last i've played I believe was back in 2011. Looks like a lot has changed with some cool new classes! I'm looking to hopefully get into a new-friendly guild that will help me catch up with all the new content and stuff i've missed the past years. I hope to hear from anyone any suggestions or help! Thanks all!