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Sorry, just recently started playing again after about a one year hiatus. Glad to see that Ankama actually implemented interserver Kolossium! Unfortunately, they took it a step backward by making it so that it's only interserver Kolossium. Why isn't there an option to queue up for local Kolossium as well as an option to queue up for interserver Kolossium?If there is such an option, then how do you sign up for it - and you can disregard this post. Now it really is "play with 3 characters or suffer"...
By iHarakirii - 2015-03-17 04:40:23 in Suggestion Box
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So I know it's a long shot asking if the developers are actually going to do something within a reasonable amount of time this time, but do they plan on fixing the map-nuking damage that a xelor/feca/osa team can do? Y'know, the one where they abuse the damage reflect by using Homing Hand by buffing the ever living stuffing out of it and then a feca uses the CC-damage immunity to prevent the 1000-1800 damage caused by attacking the Homing Hand? Sure there are ways to counter this (killing homing...
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Hello, recently I have been unable to update my UpLauncher. It either A) has a very slow download rate of 30 KB/s or won't even progress past the "checking for updates" message. I was wondering if anyone else is having this problem, and whether its problematic on my side or server side.