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Its-Mikki Cra Lvl 131 Nox
Mellyn Osamodas Lvl 59 Nox
Kelsee Eliotrope Lvl 21 Nox
Catress Ecaflip Lvl 20 Nox
Hagatha Osamodas Lvl 16 Remington
Truly Ruby Rogue Lvl 15 Remington
Its-Mikki Sacrier Lvl 10 Remington
Just Mikki Huppermage Lvl 6 Nox
Luv-Duv Eniripsa Lvl 6 Remington

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Hello! I've been searching for a website or some other source that provides pictures of all costumes in the game with images. I used to rely on the Wakfu Builder by Method Wakfu or any other builder I could get my hands on. The thing is, Method's builder had shut down... and I used to use the Proto builder too but I think the person working on it had discontinued it. Most of the builders I find now either do not show the character wearing the gear or it does not use an image at all. The threads I...
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Hello, sorry for the weirdly worded title. I've heard that Ankama had allowed Dot to evolve into other types of gemlins, which I find very beneficial. I've been stacking up on these fragments, but every time I get a new one, I always get the Knowledge one (the green one) and never any other color. I have over 30 of the Knowledge ones but I do not have any other type of fragment color.

I do not know how to get a different color. I believe I've mostly gotten my fragments from the Gemlockitups from...
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I know I am very late for asking this question, but I have been wondering for a LONG while, like ever since 1.49 while, is the Spank emote in 1.62? I know it has been unobtainable for a dead while, but I still think players can get it somewhere somehow. Is it in the chests that are in Brakmar? Is it still an emote drop? Or is it just not able to be gained anymore?