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Hey everyone !

After a 5 tournaments season last year, the Retro PvP team goes back at it on Eratz in 2021!

This year, our official competitive format will be 3v3 12/6 or similar (11/7, 13/5, 14/4, etc), with Pillar classes being Sacrier, Osamodas, Eniripsa and Xelor.
Keep in mind these rules can evolve during the season if the community wants it, but we're hoping that establishing an official format will make players invest more in that kind of events !

This year, Season 2 will start with a launch...
By iClaw - 2020-07-01 23:26:22 in DOFUS Retro
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Hello everyone!

Our community voted, we are chaining tournaments once again, and this time we go back to the roots of this project and offer a 3v3 event !

We are going to run this event differently, so it can fit in a bit of a tighter schedule.


-An entrance fee of 1,000,000 kamas per participating character is requested in order to validate the registration of a team.

Pillars: (a pillar class cannot team up with another pillar)

Team compositions:
2 172

The players, the spectators, all those who followed the event, closely or not, THANK YOU!

The Guilds of Eratz - Spring 4v4 is now OVER, with Bruuh winning the event!

Big g g to them, to Liggio, the runners-up, and to all the other teams that populated this tournament!

We can now officially open the registrations for our 2v2 Tournament which will begin with the deconfinement!
You can reply to this post or send me a message on Discord (Cl4w#0447) if you want to register,...