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By iCaptainCookie - 2015-01-03 03:50:35 in Suggestion Box
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Why do people Multi-Account? I find it so boring. It also bothers me since people spend more time leveling an alt of theirs instead helping other people that really want to get into Dofus. What are your oppinions of multi-accounting, and if you multi-account, why do you do it?
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There's a lot of people in Bonta, and they're all asking if they need a "Soul Splitter" or if they want to "Split Souls" I don't understand what they mean by that. I understand the Soul Stones and what they do in the Arena, but i simply don't understand the action of "Splitting Souls" can anyone tell me?
Also is there a Dofus slang dictionary? That would be a good idea to start, specially for new players and stuff. Thanks in advance  
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Helloooo, I want to buy a starter pack and $5 worth of Origrines, I'm 17 and I do not own/have a credit/debit card, so I asked my friend if he'd buy me those 2 things and I'll pay him with cash (since that is all I have) he is willing to do so since we've been friends for 3 years or so, but will an error pop up when making the transaction since my account is in my name and not my friends or will there not be a problem? :blink: