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By iAmUlysses - 2016-03-11 19:39:48 in Rosal
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Hi peeps, Recently came back to dofus and made a Masq to start fresh with.

Problem is, I'm enjoying the game but not as much as I'd hope just because there don't seem to be that many people that are willing to actually interact/talk with new/old players.

Might just be me, anyways I was hoping if there's a fun/social guild out there accepting a old player in a "Newb" body lol. It'd be great to have a few more friends to talk to on Rosal~

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I came back to Dofus recently after playing back in 2013 for the first time again, and now after I've played a little bit I decided to start fresh on a new Server to re-learn the game.

Problem is, it's been about 3 years now since I last set my security questions and I honestly have no clue how to delete my character if I don't know the answer to those anymore.
Is there any way for me to check the answer or reset them? I've purchased subscriptions etc, but I'd rather figure this out than...
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As the title states I've just decided to start a new character being a Masq, the thing is back when I played none of these "new" classes were around so it's kind of hard to adjust to their playstyles..
(Haven't played for quite some years until I recently, which was about a month ago.. I saw a stream of dofus and felt excited to get back into the game again).

Currently I have a Ecaflip on DV (Which I'm doing a challenge on) And the Masq which I'm going to play on Rosal (the server I used to play...