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Hello forum,

I'd like to make a suggestion to make the life of the english players in the sea of french players a bit easier.

Would it be an idea to display a flag of your origine or spoken language to other players to show them you dont speak french?

Playing on a international server that might aswell be a french server and constantly having to explain u speak english if your crafting level is 200 or doing kolo is beyond frustrating at this point.

(Maybe trying to cater a bit more to the english...
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Hello guys,

I played the game on dark vlad about 6-7 years ago and now im getting back into the game in rushu.

I was wondering if their were groups for leveling a character becaus their doesnt seem too be many low leveld groups around so im not sure if i schould subscribe again or get dedicated too get too level 100+ again.

If their is a group with low leveld players or volunteer high levels i would be happy too join and have a good time on rushu ^^.