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Hello, I'm looking for combat quests, you know, the "go kill x monsters" kind that aren't in Incarnan. I found some in astrub, and everyone talks to me about the 2 ones that go through the dungeons, but most of the quests related to it revolve being thrown around in a walking simulator and... that is just boring.

I like Dofus for the combat, so I like combat quests, like some of the daily Sufokia quests, or the pink meow down there. I did some of the Wabbit walking quests because parallel to it...
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Ok, it has been a couple weeks, the hype of "YAAAY" is gone on facebook groups so I think we can talk about it.

I've been a multi-acc for years, not the uber kind with tons of mks that buys a ochre every week, just the kind that find walking quests dull and likes more than one class. I came back because I don't think Dofus is worth paying more than one account any more, so the mono-acc seemed worth it especially with my friends pretty pumped up to come back and try it.


I can't rely...
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So... I came back to test the mono-acc servers because I know many guild-mates will, and one paid my p2p so I could help them settle in Nervark.

One of the reasons I'm I'm definitely not staying is because I'm not up to leveling up any profession like I did years ago, it is simply not worth the fantastic combat + premiumship, especially when whenever I consider it they usually require miner and there is always someone talking about 4 our 5 players staring at a wall seeing if they can get the respawn...