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So... I bought a golden pack only to get bakara again. Bakara did change so I thought I could instead of recycling for the 300 Ogrines, I could get a refund. However it doesn't seem to work like other cards where I have 2 of them, where it will refund only one card.

The game right away warns me I'll lose all my levels and win the money i invested on her... that felt unfair. Am I doing it right?
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Okay so, I dropped all my card games because of bans or accepted card expansions, I dropped Krosmaster because of power creep. But Krosmaga mixes my passion for Dofus and always balances cards.

I am a beta player and I went up to Rank 11 after I got carried away by trying to get that awesome Dofus emoticon. But since then, I only played unranked by not being able to catch up. I have like, 110Wins x 120 losses in there. I have a fair amount of cards and at least 4 gods that I play with excellence...
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My gf had this issue before, but only now I was be able to experience first hand on my computer. I opened Krosmaga and it started updated, it then asked the admin autorization and... well, it updated again, and again, even if I said no. It only stopped when I rebooted my computer, but whenever I try to open it, even when uninstalling from windows programs menu, it kept with this bug, a real nightmare. No error message besides an omnious groundhog day feeling.

I had to go to krosmaga folder and completely...